50 Shades of Advertising

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At Pulp&Fiber, we don’t promote erotic deviance in the workplace. But we’re going to make an exception just this once. Fifty Shades of Grey, the #1 New York Times Bestseller (aka the drugstore smut your Aunt Esther just can’t seem to put down) has spawned a fan-made tumblr created by copywriters, designers, and ad executives […]

The Truth Hurts

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  “Every time I see an example of corporate happiness I can only see the reality of life. I can’t help myself anymore. I can’t stop rearranging their copy,” says one of the creators of Depressed Copywriter, a new blog making waves in the ad world. The site has caught the eye of both advertisers […]

The Top Mixology Blogs


What good would an agency be without its clients? Here at P+F, we’ve organized a pretty solid roster of regulars, those clients who trust and rely on us exclusively for a variety of projects and campaigns. Lucky for us, many of the “usual suspects” belong to the service and entertainment industry, and more specifically, the […]