Casa Bacardi at DEQ

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Last night was the opening of Casa Bacardi at DEQ, the Ritz Carlton’s highly exclusive patio lounge. (Sounds classy already, eh?) It was the definition of a perfect evening. The sun was low and warm, and there was just the right amount of breeze. Collectively, everyone’s spirits were soaring, a summer night at last, and […]

Brand Voice 101

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A voice. Every brand needs one. This concept is like a dead horse, one that’s now been beaten so badly we need dental records to identify it. We talk about brand voices all the time, constantly pushing the idea that a voice is essential to any marketing initiative.  Voice this. Voice that. But, what’s a […]

Top Advertising Taglines of All Time


Got milk? It’s short. It’s simple. It’s grammatically incorrect. But it works! This popular tagline is just one of the many catchy phrases that act as anchors for campaigns. Taglines are to print as jingles are to television. They get stuck in your head and you unintentionally associate the grouping of words with the brand. […]

And Now A Word From An Intern…

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After getting wind of my struggle to break into the working world, my former boss flipped through her digital rolodex (a.k.a. iPhone contact list) in search of someone who might be able to help in my job search. That’s when she found a contact for P&F’s Marketing and Sales Director, Jesse Carere. She felt as […]

Facial Recognition in The Ad World


Facial recognition software has long been (well, since its conception) the source of much contention in the technology world. Especially when used in advertising. Without a 100% accuracy rate, how can any company rely on this newfangled tech-trick to make a statement? Despite the inherent kinks that this type of software would present in the […]