Animal House: Pets In Advertising


Every good advertiser knows that in order to make an impact, you’ve got to aim for the heart, shoot to kill. Of late, some of the most successful campaigns have been designed to either get the consumer laughing ‘til they cry, or get them crying ‘til their mascara runs. Separate ends of the spectrum, sure. […]

Romance and Infographs


Here at Pulp&Fiber, we talk a lot about infographics. What’s an infographic, you ask? Like, aside from being just a super snazzy portmanteau? (You know, a word + word = a new word?) Well, allow us to educate you you. An infographic, more or less, is a collection of images, charts, visualizations, and text that […]

First Impressions On Brandmarks

Kid’s today. Am I right? It used to be about picture books and stickball. Today, it’s about Kindles and Wii Sports.  A cookie isn’t good enough. It’s got to be Chips Ahoy. And don’t even think about serving a child chicken strips. If the word “chicken” isn’t started with the letters “Mc”, and followed by […]

Herbie Fund’s Walk For The Children


As an agency that is continuously growing, we feel its important to utilize our resources and get involved with various charitable organizations. So when The Herbie Fund got in touch with us through Sick Kids Hospital about donating a branding package for their inaugural Walk For The Children, we were more than thrilled to get […]

Discover Your Drambuie Side


I’m no stranger to The Drake Hotel.  My first downtown living experience was spent living across the street from it, and while I lacked a terrace or an air conditioner, The Drake Hotel offered a retro retreat from my stuffy apartment, mere steps away from my door. The Drake quickly became my neighbourhood watering hole; […]