Ecohols by Jorn

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Life was once so easy, wasn’t it? Gone are the days of recess, dodge ball and washing down a PB&J lunch with 2% Milk. So it was quite the surprise and moment of nostalgia when our eyes landed on this: Alcoholic milk cartons designed by Artist Jorn for brands like Absolut Vodka, Jack Daniel’s and […]

Is Your Brand Up to Par with the Competition?

Branding your small business so consumers remember your brand and services

The Ballroom Branding and Design

Design Edge Canada has done an article on Pulp&Fiber regarding the design and branding of The Ballroom (a Toronto bowling alley and sports bar), which is scheduled to open January. Read the full article at:

Drambuie Den Experiential Event

The Ideal Recipe. With the new mix of Pulp&Fiber’s refreshing take on creativity and Drambuie Den’s aim to reintroduce its new, clear packaging, the blend of the two make for an exciting and essential partnership. Pulp&Fiber admired Drambuie Den’s current brand but wanted to kick it up a couple of notches. With its reinvented packaging, […]

The Colors of the Web’s Superbrands [INFOGRAPHIC]

What colors do the web’s most powerful brands use to distinguish themselves from others? The folks from COLOURlovers decided to find out, producing the infographic below as the result. As it turns out, web brands love color. Only a few of them are predominantly grey or black and white. The most popular color is blue […]