Nike X ParaNorman

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Well, this is awkward. But actually, it’s brilliant. In a cross promotion for Nike’s new slime-green Foamposite training shoes, as well as the new animated movie ParaNorman, about an awkward, ghost-whispering little boy, sneakerheads are being asked to tweet in their most awkward childhood photos of themselves in a chance to win a ParaNorman branded […]

Australia Bans Cig Branding


A new Australian law dictates that cigarettes must now be sold with packages containing no company logos, with the same font for all brands on a dark brown background. Realistic health warnings will cover 90% of the back of the packaging, and 70% of the front. A simple math equation shows us that only 40% […]

B-Ball So Hard

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Jerry Seinfeld once said that cheering passionately and exclusively for a single sports franchise over the course of one’s entire life is essentially cheering for your favorite laundry. The players change, the coaches change, the front office folk change; only the clothes, or “the laundry,” stay the same. Then, when a new franchise is built, […]

David Lynch X Dom Perignon


Artists from every discipline have been collaborating with brands for years. Dom Perignon, the high-class, very sought after champagne brand, has teamed up with the man responsible for introducing the world to Agent Dale Cooper, Blue Velvet, and The Elephant Man. The man we’re talking about is obviously David Lynch, and while he is well-known […]

Copy Cats & Big Dogs

jack daniels patrick wensink

A small time book has shot to the 48thspot on’s best-selling list. And, it’s mostly due to its cover. I know, I know. Never judge a book this way. But there is controversy around this cover, and so people are curious. Here’s why… The book is written by Patrick Wensink, a Kentucky-based author, and […]