DDB Israel Goes Viral


When advertising giant DDB launched a new PR campaign for their office in Israel, they decided their budget would be $0. Nothing. Nada. Squat. Or, ephess, as they say in the land of milk and honey. Instead of starting their own blog, putting up billboards, or running TV ads during Gaza’s Got Talent, the company […]

Pride Is The Best Publicity

anderson cooper frank ocean

There’s a lot more closet space available these days. Just this past week, two highly influential personalities have declared their sexual preference to the public. Both Anderson Cooper, the dashing grey-haired mascot for CNN, as well as Frank Ocean, the eccentric hip-hop and R&B sensation, have become overnight celebrities in the LGBT community. And while […]

Spiderman: Brand Evolution

body gest 02

In May 2002, Hollywood did the unthinkable. For the very first time, in one bustling weekend, just three short days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday for those keeping score at home), one movie made over $100 million. The film industry’s revenue benchmark had been set, reached, and surpassed with one spin of Spider Man’s web. (James Cameron […]


Screen Shot 2012-06-14 at 4.35.26 PM

I have social media envy right now, you guys. I put all my chips on “BlackBerry” two years ago, signing onto a contract that I’m not getting out of anytime soon. Because of this, the pseudo-photographer in me is dying. I used to have fun taking silly pictures and uploading them to Twitter, or Facebook. […]

The Queen’s Pantone


If my wardrobe had a Pantone book, what colours would it have? Probably a lot of off-white, and denim. Is denim a colour? No? Ok, let’s go with khaki. Because I’m a professional. Good thing for me, and Pantone enthusiasts around the world, I haven’t done anything in my life that would call for someone […]