Mio For the Millennials

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Soft drinks are out. Water is in. Millennials are here. And Mio, the new water-flavor system from Kraft, really is changing everything. Perhaps you’ve seen Mio’s weirdly hilarious TV spots Kraft rolled early this summer for their new “liquid water enhancer”, and perhaps your keen advertising eye has noticed it’s quite a departure from the […]

Nike+ Ads: Inspired By Mario


What would you rather do: Workout or play video games? Yeah, I’d rather eat cinnamon buns too.  I mean, I’d rather play video games too. I mean, who wants to workout? Since Dr. Robert Bruce invented the treadmill in 1952 (that jerk), people have tried to find a way to make exercising less, shall we […]

New Campaign, Same Candy

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It’s been a quiet decade for the only candy bar with the cookie crunch. After George Costanza touted the product in a memorable episode of Seinfeld, Twix has spent the better part of the 21st century watching from the sidelines as Aero bubbles lifted people through their day and Betty White snacked away on Snickers […]

Cracked Code Goes Viral

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Has viral marketing become so complex that it could start with the delivery of one cryptic note on a subway car? The users of Reddit seem to think so, and for the most part their theories are sound. Recently, a Reddit user named Delverofsecrets posted a photo of a small piece of paper with a […]