Does Pink Appeal to Women?


Blue is for boys, and pink is for girls… or at least that’s how it’s marketed.  This colour-coded (mis)conception has been active for decades, and the practice of applying gender to colour dates way, way back. For example, in 1856 it was reported that Napoleon III and Empress Eugénie of France prepared little blue outfits […]

Toyota Takes A Chance


You know those pictures on the internet that make you think you’re looking at something stereotypically appealing or attractive, only to find out it’s something totally different and gross? You know, like that one that makes you think you’re looking at a woman’s hoo-ha but it actually turns out to be a McDonald’s cheeseburger? Ohhh, […]

Why People Love Car Ads


When you think of car advertisements, what comes to mind? Closed course driving while avoiding pylons? Ambient music playing as a sleek sedan snakes through the city at night? Or an overweight man standing on a car lot, shouting prices at no one, while a big inflatable animal floats behind him? No matter what type […]