Disliking The “Like” Movement

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It’s been a subject of debate for a while in the office. This whole “likes for…” movement, which usually encourages people to “like” something (a photo, video, or post) in exchange for a commitment or promise to do good for the global community. For example, things like “we will perform a heart transplant if this […]

Back To School Ads

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All across this fair country, the little rascals are returning to school. That means there’s a whole lot of shopping going on; and with busy shopping seasons come a great influx of advertisements. This year in back-to-school advertising, things are different. According to commercial advertising analytics company Ace Metrix, North America has seen a big […]

Mini Marketing Moguls


Having a toddler around can teach you many things: How to wipe someone else’s bum, the importance of a five star safety rating, and of course, how to force feed lima beans into a tiny hole. But what you may not know is that toddlers are also crash courses in advertising. A new article from […]

Effective or Offensive?

Indian Road Safety Poster_ad Cell phone

Children are impressionable, this is a fact. Like sponges, they soak up their surroundings. Both literally and figuratively. (Have you ever seen a six-year-old’s jeans after a day at the park!?) Because of this, advertisers are challenged every day to create impactful ads that send powerful messages, but don’t upset a younger audience. I remember […]