AD: Ipad VS Paper

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If you’re the proud owner of an iPad, or any tablet device for that matter, you’ve surely also been one of those insufferably braggy dinner guests. HOST: Oh, you like the lasagna? It was my grandmother’s recipe! YOU: Grandma’s? Cool. But have you heard of this Recipes6000+ app for the iPad?! I just wave my […]

Gone Too Far?

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There’s a new marketing trend on the rise. Maybe you’ve noticed? Relying heavily on the element of surprise, scare tactics, and gimmicks, marketers have resorted to “pranking” people as a means to communicate a message, or promote a product. We talked about Nivea’s most recent marketing ruse, where unsuspecting travellers were lead to believe that […]

Abbott’s Village Bakery

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For whatever reason, this commercial gives us the willies. And not just because these giant, living loafs of bread look like over-sized, carb-based, pasture-grazing maggots, but more because of what the commercial suggests once you actually accept the visual. I mean, no one wants to see what their Big Mac looked like before it was […]

“Open Your Mouth” by Miracle Whip

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What do you do if there is an important issue that is being overlooked, one that needs the attention of the masses? Well, it’s a pretty simple answer, actually. Get all the celebrities you know together in one room, and sing it loud, sing it proud. Now, here’s how they tend to work. The bigger […]

The Best Candy Commercials


With just a little over a week until Halloween, we’ve got our minds on one thing, and one thing only. Candy. That sticky, sweet, sugary, gooey, melt-all-over-your-lips, cavity causing goodness that we buy for the kiddies but keep for ourselves. In honour of our impending sugar perma-high, we bring you some of our favourite candy […]