Viral Celebs in Advertising


You know and I know that it’s nearly impossible to MAKE something go viral.  Going viral is like falling in love. How do you know when you’re truly in love? You can’t plan for it, you can’t force it, but as they say: When it happens, you just know. Just like Sweet Brown knew, when […]

Banned Super Bowl Ads

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 5.30.55 PM

In response to yesterday’s post, listing our top five Super Bowl commercials of 2013, we thought it might be fun to show our top five picks for commercials that didn’t make the cut. Yup, these five spots were, in the end, not aired during a Super Bowl broadcast due to their various, er, questionable subject […]

Super Bowl Advertising

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What’s not to love about Super Bowl Sunday? Fat men in iridescent Lycra pants, fully loaded nachos on the coffee table, a cold beer in your hand, and friends by your side. Sounds like a nice little afternoon, doesn’t it? This is likely why you, along with millions of other viewers worldwide, tune in to […]

Internet Explorer Targets Gen Y


“You might not remember us, but we met in the ’90s,” the ad begins. In the newest commercial for Internet Explorer, Gen Y’ers are asked to revisit their collective pasts, and imagine what it used to feel like to swing a Yo-yo, count their Pogs, and listen to their favorite tapes. “Life moved a little […]

XXX Roll Call


Weight loss programs aren’t just for women. Basketball legend Charles Barkley will tell you so himself. In the second of two ads starring the famously bulky athlete, Barkley ambles off a list of, um, phallic epithets (?) in honour of Weight Watchers. The first in the series featured King Charles dressed in drag, and it […]