The Perfect Pour


Ever wonder how advertisers get that perfect pour? That seamless slow-motion swish of beer, coating the glass before filling to the brim, bubbling, but never fizzing over, creating a light, white puff of foam that sways without spilling? Have you ever wondered why you can’t recreate this perfect pour at home? No matter how many […]

Toyota Takes A Chance


You know those pictures on the internet that make you think you’re looking at something stereotypically appealing or attractive, only to find out it’s something totally different and gross? You know, like that one that makes you think you’re looking at a woman’s hoo-ha but it actually turns out to be a McDonald’s cheeseburger? Ohhh, […]

Innuendo & Association


Sometimes, the absence of something is mightier than its presence. Suggestion, as Svengali would tell us, can be a powerful thing. If you have a television, you’re probably aware that broadcast standards for commercials don’t allow for any explicit sex, or the utterance of George Carlin’s seven dirty words. I can’t list those words, as […]

Commercial Catastrophe


This weekend, the world watched in awe as the globe’s greatest athletes competed for gold at the Olympics in London. There were victories, like Andy Murray’s win over Federer, and there were disappointments, like Canada’s heartbreaking loss to Australia in women’s basketball. But perhaps the biggest let down this weekend rests not in the hands […]

Effective or Offensive?

Indian Road Safety Poster_ad Cell phone

Children are impressionable, this is a fact. Like sponges, they soak up their surroundings. Both literally and figuratively. (Have you ever seen a six-year-old’s jeans after a day at the park!?) Because of this, advertisers are challenged every day to create impactful ads that send powerful messages, but don’t upset a younger audience. I remember […]