Why People Love Car Ads


When you think of car advertisements, what comes to mind? Closed course driving while avoiding pylons? Ambient music playing as a sleek sedan snakes through the city at night? Or an overweight man standing on a car lot, shouting prices at no one, while a big inflatable animal floats behind him? No matter what type […]

Triodos Tries Something New

toridos bank commercial

Every sane person knows that banks are evil. These supposed “financial” institutions “micromanage” our “portfolios” and “invest” our “wealth” in “funds.” I’m richer than I think? Puh-lease. There are very few happy surprises during a trip to the bank. I find out a lot about my finances. But never that I’m richer. But one bank […]

The Ads Of The Olympics


Four years ago, the (unemployed) world sat captivated in front of their flat-screens as Usain Bolt staked his claim for “fastest man alive,” LeBron James and Dwyane Wade built a friendship that would change the face of basketball, and Michael Phelps won a staggering eight gold medals without ever getting out of the pool. While […]

To Cry, Or To Laugh?


  “We’ve moved on from the ‘Eat at Joe’s’ sign to far more complex and sometimes even moving, cinematic messages that are designed to create significant memories of a product,” says Adam Dachus of Lifehacker.com. FACT: Most people living in the First World use a phone, have to mail things, search the internet, eat, and […]

New Campaign, Same Candy

Screen Shot 2012-07-16 at 3.09.57 PM

It’s been a quiet decade for the only candy bar with the cookie crunch. After George Costanza touted the product in a memorable episode of Seinfeld, Twix has spent the better part of the 21st century watching from the sidelines as Aero bubbles lifted people through their day and Betty White snacked away on Snickers […]