Community does #CM1TO

  Yesterday, Community’s Social Media Team attended the Community Manager Conference — the first ever of its kind  — at The Second City in Toronto. And what a momentous conference it was!                           Ron Tite, CEO of The Tite Group, opened and hosted […]

Community Manager Appreciation Day

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Yes, folks! It’s a real thing. So, in honor of this holy celebration, our social media team would like to introduce themselves. They handle everything from social media strategy, to content creation, to blogging, as well as the task of manning and monitoring of all of the social media platforms, both internally and for clients. […]

Community Manager Appreciation Day!

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OK, so we’re gonna get deep for a minute here. Today, we quote Voltaire. Many years ago, the great historian, philosopher, and author of over 2000 books (we’ve read them all, we swear), wisely said that, “appreciation is a wonderful thing, as it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” Here […]