First there were cat videos, then planking videos, then dog videos, followed by more cat videos. Viral trends are funny. Today, graduation speeches join the ranks of viral video fame. As it turns out, Ivy League Schools have been having the best success with their viral popularity, being that they have some money to spend […]

Bacardi Lucky 150


Yesterday was a big day for Bacardi Canada. The Red Door opened and the Lucky 150 contest went live on their brand spanking new website What’s the contest, you might be asking? Well, in celebration of Bacardi’s 150th birthday, Bacardi, in association with Live Nation Ontario, is giving away 150 tickets to 75 winners […]

Introducing: Community

Screen Shot 2012-06-01 at 4.53.30 PM

We are pleased to announce the launch of Community, a communications and marketing agency. We’ve gathered, a collective of creatives from different disciplines, and we’ve devised a plan. Our mission is to help our clients reach the masses via grassroots promotion, digital initiatives, effective branding, traditional marketing, and experiential programming. A place where teamwork triumphs, […]

A Comment On Comments


In an age where words like “engagement” and “community” are so frequently tossed around, and with very little understanding of what the word actually means to boot, it seems unusual to come across a blog that doesn’t welcome or encourage commenting. After all, blogging has always been about two-way conversations, and the comment section of […]