Community + Great Gulf Win Big at OHBA’s Conference

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The team at Community celebrated some more build work last night at Ontario Home Builders’ Association Awards for projects completed on behalf of client partner Great Gulf. It is always an honour to be recognized in by the build community, especially for work done on multiple projects that leverage a variety of mediums.  Four awards […]

Studio Skateboard Designs Round 2


The second round of our custom Community staff designed skateboards are in. We have a variety of inspiration, stemming from childhood memories, to pop art, to some classic Fiber Design branding. Have a look below to find out more about the pieces, the designers who designed them, and their inspiration. Name: Trevor West Position: Copywriter […]

Taste This Ad

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Fanta wants to give consumers a taste of what’s in store for 2013 with their new magazine ad. The catch? Consumers will have to actually taste the ad to find out what the brand is forecasting. It was one of the first things we were told in kindergarten, next to don’t sniff glue, and don’t […]

DISARONNO Advertorial in TLife


This season, we took an innovative approach to traditional advertising. Our advertorial in the December issue of Toronto Life magazine showcased DISARONNO cocktails along side stunning PAVONI dresses, and it turned out beautifully! DISARONNO’s exciting fall partnership with PAVONI complemented their passion for fashion, and we were pleased to discover that both the cocktails and […]