Studio Skateboard Designs


Leading up to the holidays, Dave Smulowitz and Art Mandalas challenged the studio to come up with some unique art to display the many different talents of Pulp & Fiber’s designers. Last year it was the MUNNY dolls, which are proudly on display, and act as spectators for the many ping pong games that take […]

#WMCFWreveal: Caesarstone Canada Unveils 2014 Collection


Last night at the Fermenting Cellar in Toronto’s historic Distillery District, Community helped Caesarstone unveil their 2014 collection with a very fashion forward event. Their unique installations included the entire 2014 Classico Collection, displayed as large quartz slates along with beautifully designed fashion figures. After weeks of creative planning and development, our team of designers and […]

Brand Fails


If you ever crave a big, floppy, sloppy hamburger that has the circumference as a laser disc, head over to ‘Fries King’, the home of the Whopper! Burger King has pretended to change the name of their restaurants over its social media platforms as a PR stunt to promote some new ‘fry-centric’ menu items.As much […]

CAESARSTONE Unveils 6 New Designs

Excitement was in the air this past Tuesday at Eagle’s Nest Golf course where Caesarstone hosted two receptions introducing 6 new stunning designs to their collection. They invited top customers to view the newest colours, available August 6th. Kimberly Seldon, interior designer extraordinaire spoke to the crowd about how each new colour can be incorporated into modern, […]

Top 10 Free Photo Editing Apps to Amplify your Content Online

Smartphone,Mobile photo editing apps

Visuals are everything in social media. Whether you are a marketer, brand, agency, or regular old human being, creating or curating content on your social platforms is a mandate. Today’s short attention span audiences demand visual content, a statement supported by the surge in Infographic popularity and the high usage rates of visual social networking […]