What Is CASL

CASL blog

CASL stands for Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation, this legislation comes into force July 1st 2014 and will affect all CEM’s (Commercial Electronic Messages). Emails, texts, IM, social media, and automated phone messages all fall under the CEM category. Some examples of CEMs include: offers to purchase, sell, barter or lease a product, good,  service, land or […]

The Holiday Digital Detox


Like many agencies, Community closes down during the holidays, giving us a chance to enjoy quality time with friends and family. For those of us who are perpetually connected to the outside world through our mobile devices, tablets and laptops, this is also a great time to unplug and, you know, actually spend quality time […]

Community Announces #DevTO Sponsorship!

DEVTO Community Agency sponsorship

We are thrilled to announce our official sole agency sponsorship of #DevTO, Toronto’s developer community for all of Toronto’s developers. Being an integrated agency ourselves, we understand the importance of supporting and cultivating the local digital community. The networking and educational event happens around Toronto on the last Monday of every month. The event is free, thanks to sponsorship, […]

Sweating Yet?

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 11.03.27 AM

Fear. It’s long been used as a tool to market specific products or services. But in a new digital campaign for Nivea, fear mongering is taken to a whole new level. To launch a new deodorant, aimed at conquering stress-related perspiration, the German division of the Nivea marketing team decided to target unsuspecting travelers, and […]

AD: “Sk8” Salvation


The world is going to end, and we’re all going to die. At least that’s what the Mayans tell us. This notion, fuelled by a combination of superstition and so-called eschatological belief, proclaims that 2012 will be the year civilization bites the dust for good. However, some more, ahem, flexible believers feel that the strong, […]