Rev Rolls Up

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Even though the Digital Dreams Festival took place just over a week ago, we’re sure those in attendance are still feeling the rush of the slush. Look out 7-Eleven. Rev, by Bacardi, is stealing your thunder. The delicious blue drink that we can all admit to sipping on at least a few times each summer, […]



There are only so many weekends in the summer, and you have to choose how to spend them wisely. A hard decision, mostly for Canadians, is how to spend our nations birthday. This one, in particular, was a difficult to figure out. It’s always nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the […]

Red Bull Solstice: Huge Success

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Here, at Pulp&Fiber, we work hard, and party harder. Well, that’s not true. We definitely work harder than we party, but we work reallllly hard, and party only slightly less hard, so yeah, you get the picture. Last night was the Red Bull Solstice event on Cube’s rooftop patio, and the Pulp&Fiber family was there […]

Our Very Own F1 Suit


The weekend of June 10th was a special one for anyone who lives his or her life clothed in top gear. It was the Montreal Grand Prix and Pulp&Fiber was there for every lap, on the track and round ‘da’ clubs. On Friday, the annual Film Fashion F1 event took place at the Opus Hotel. […]

Casa Bacardi at DEQ

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Last night was the opening of Casa Bacardi at DEQ, the Ritz Carlton’s highly exclusive patio lounge. (Sounds classy already, eh?) It was the definition of a perfect evening. The sun was low and warm, and there was just the right amount of breeze. Collectively, everyone’s spirits were soaring, a summer night at last, and […]