Do You Suffer From SMAD?

This could be you

Last weekend, I made some super awesome burgers, and then I had a mini panic attack, because I didn’t know how to share this information with the world. Should I Instagram it? Snapchat it? Vine it? I finally decided to Instagram it, but definitely lamented the loss of a great grill Vine/Snapchat video that would […]

Disliking The “Like” Movement

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 12.09.10 PM

It’s been a subject of debate for a while in the office. This whole “likes for…” movement, which usually encourages people to “like” something (a photo, video, or post) in exchange for a commitment or promise to do good for the global community. For example, things like “we will perform a heart transplant if this […]

Facebook Home Arrives

facebook home

It’s a phone, it’s a cloud, it’s Facebook Home! The much rumoured Facebook Phone had people wondering just what the ‘Facebook Announcement’ would entail. Then, when Facebook Home launched last week it was received with much excitement and confusion. Facebook Home is not an operating system but a family of apps including Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram that run on the Google […]

Facebook Introduces Graph Search


  Launched in Beta for Facebook Users in English (US), Graph Search allows Facebook users to find people who share their interests, explore their world through photos, and discover restaurants, music, and more.  Not to be confused with the Search Bar, which still produces Bing Results from the web, Graph Search is an extra incentive […]

Instagram In Jeopardy?


Last week, we talked about Instagram, what people like about it, what people don’t like about it, and how people like to use this thriving platform. We polled our team in an anonymous online survey to gather a sampling of data, and some of the dislikes we heard about included selfies, and the overuse of […]