2012 Year in Review

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End of the year is a time for reflection and lists are popping up all over the Internet. We published our first one of Top Social Networks last week.  Today, Facebook launched a look back at some of the biggest events in 2012 with their Year In Review. This came one day after Twitter launched […]

Is This The End of Instagram?


Today, Twitter released the updated in-app photo sharing, including filters. This comes after two days of intense conversation about Instagram breaking up with Twitter. This meaning that Instagram images are no longer viewed on Twitter, forcing users to make one more click. (#firstworldproblems) This is all part of the social media war between the two […]

Facebook Speeds Up


Yesterday, Facebook launched a new app for iPhone and iPad, touting it as “twice as fast”, and therefore twice as good. In June of this year, Facebook launched a new method for advertisers to get more bang for their buck – ads that appear right in users’ news feeds. With Facebook’s new mobile apps, the […]

Panera Cares

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The way a company handles a sensitive situation, like granting a request to a customer who is dying of cancer, can spread like wildfire. If a company is insensitive, they get a bad rap, quickly. On the other hand, a nice gesture can do a lot to bolster a company’s great reputation. An employee of […]

Too Young For Facebook?

Surprised baby boy using a laptop computer

My parents doled out life lessons in stages. When I was 8, I was told where babies come from, and it was then that my appreciation for the stork was born. Those birds surrrre are busy. Then, when I was 12, I was briefed on the subject of puberty, and it was firmly instilled then […]