New Olympic Logo


It’s only been three days since the new and opposite-of-improved Spice Girls closed out the 2012 Olympic Games in London, and already, attention has turned to Rio 2016. With the retirement of one controversial logo, comes the unveiling of the next, and Brazil’s Tatil Design, the marketing and design team commissioned to design the 2016 […]

The Queen’s Pantone


If my wardrobe had a Pantone book, what colours would it have? Probably a lot of off-white, and denim. Is denim a colour? No? Ok, let’s go with khaki. Because I’m a professional. Good thing for me, and Pantone enthusiasts around the world, I haven’t done anything in my life that would call for someone […]

Coors Light Iced-T Launch


As the temperature rises to above 20 this week, most of us can’t help but long to be sitting on a patio sipping a cold drink. As others bask in the unusually warm weather for mid-March, the good folks at Molson and we here at P&F have been hard at work, strategically planning one of […]

Pulp&Fiber’s Night Out


Look up. Wayyy up. Tucked away in a VIP box, suspended at what felt like one million feet above ground, the Pulp&Fiber team drank beer and ate hotdogs while another team, The Toronto Raptors, took on The Orlando Magic. Although the Raptors let us down, losing 88 to 92, we still managed to have a […]

Pulp&Fiber Pinning On Pinterest


  By now, it should be painfully obvious that any business with an e-commerce platform should be pinning on Pinterest. The user-friendly digital scrap booking site allows users to grab and save images from across the web, and has quickly become a growing source for online referrals. But with 11.7 million unique visitors in the […]