Rise of the Machines: The Robo-Burrito Revolution

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Isn’t getting a burrito such a hassle?  You know, having to TALK to a person, wait around while PEOPLE touch your food with their HANDS?  Ugh, just thinking about it makes me want to lay down with a cold cloth on my forehead. Well, have we got some good news for you (me)!  The people […]

Make Way for Mobile Marketing


It is estimated that by 2015, 33.6 billion dollars will be spent on mobile ads, nearly 4x the $8.4 billion invested in 2012. To be clear, this is money invested in mobile display ads, NOT mobile apps. Harvard Business Review research says that mobile display ads can positively impact utilitarian and “high involvement” products by providing […]

“Foodstagram” Ban


So, it’s Friday night, and you’re meeting a friend for dinner. You walk into the restaurant and the smell alone makes your mouth water. You order with anticipation. You watch the clock in agony, cursing every passing tray, simply cause it’s not yours. Finally, your food arrives, and it’s a work of art. The plating […]

Sense Appeal


There’s been some talk today about how sex sells, but that idea seems less applicable when it comes to food. Unless you’re freaky. As far as food advertising goes, Ryan S. Elder and Aradhna Krishna of the University of Michigan believe that appealing to all of our human senses at once is a much more […]