Take Me Out to the ball game

The #BacardiBestSeats

2013 marked a very important year for the Toronto Blue Jays. A lot of big changes took place in the off season, and the result was baseball fever that Toronto hasn’t seen since ’93. Although there are still growing pains with the new team, Bacardi saw an opportunity to get involved with the 2013 Toronto […]


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It’s Friday afternoon, just FYI. And every Friday, right about now, we start to go cross eyed with exhaustion from a week of work well done. How do our Friday’s look? After scanning through a list of 50 Awesome Reaction GIFS  we have complied an animated blog post that paints the perfect picture. Sometimes we’re […]

Our Signature Cocktails

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With the weekend rolling in, and NXNE kicking off in Toronto, we’re ready to celebrate the end of a good week by mixing a great cocktail. Nothing says summer quite like rum. The sweetness. The spice. We’re salivating just thinking about it. Whether you’re partial to the dark kind, the spiced kind, or the white […]