Agency New Year’s Resolutions


It’s that time when we reflect on our actions of the past year, and look forward to what we can change for the better in the future. Working at an agency can enable your bad habits; you treat it like an extension of your home. This year I would like to pretend I can actually change […]

Brand Fails


If you ever crave a big, floppy, sloppy hamburger that has the circumference as a laser disc, head over to ‘Fries King’, the home of the Whopper! Burger King has pretended to change the name of their restaurants over its social media platforms as a PR stunt to promote some new ‘fry-centric’ menu items.As much […]

“Pocket Like It’s Hot”

Screen Shot 2012-10-15 at 10.11.29 AM

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new when it comes to the wild world of advertising. Ozzy Osbourne did an “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” commercial, Mikhail S. Gorbachev appears in a highly stylized print ad for Louis Vuitton, Ben Stiller took his talents overseas in a bizarre spot for some Japanese soft drink, and taking […]

Hallelujah For Humour


We all remember the Old Spice guy, A.K.A. ex NFL wide receiver Isaiah Mustafa, A.K.A. the man your man could smell like. That ad debuted almost three years ago, and Old Spice has since owned the humorous side of hygiene, but oddly enough, they never once made a joke about smelling bad. More often than […]

Famous Face = Ad Space


In the hilarious new Bavaria beer commercial, promoting their non-alcoholic product, Charlie Sheen announces his comeback, post-rehab. In this commercial, he expertly pokes fun at his darker days. This commercial is both clever and super charming. In fact, it kind of makes you forget why you ever hated this #winning loser in the first place. […]