April Fools + Marketing

headphones for cats

Now, more than ever, we’re seeing companies jump on the advertising bandwagon for ‘Halmark Holidays’.  April Fools is NO exception! Google has been using April Fools as a chance to show their marketing creativity for years. We saw a bunch of attempts to be funny this morning, here’s a few of our fave April Fools pranks from […]

Google To Disavow Links


The discussion began earlier this year. Google, the global search mogul, announced their interest in allowing users to disavow links, if they suspected that certain links might be harmful to their site’s ranking. This idea was naturally met with mixed reviews, as both webmasters and web users weighed in with pros, cons, and questions. Up […]

The Nexus 7


With the release of their new Nexus 7 tablet, Google has shown themselves to be even more of a power player in the tech world. The tablet is a hit, and it’s already selling like hotcakes, so why is Google advertising the device on their usually ad-free homepage? Well, some internet users argue that Google […]

Is Microsoft Too Soft?

microsoft is boring

Don’t be evil. Sounds simple enough. Be nice. Be good. Don’t be bad. Pretty sure this is what religion (all of them) teaches. And, as it turns out, it is the unofficial motto of Google, the god of the internet, and also one of Microsoft’s direct competitors. Microsoft has struggled to compete with the image […]

Penguin Changes The Game


Penguins, the only animal that migrates to the sweet sound of Morgan Freeman’s voice, live exclusively in the South Pole. But whether it be on TV, in film, or embroidered on your copywriter’s collared shirt, the whimsical waddlers seem to show up all the time. Following that trend, Google launched its most refined search engine […]