The Best Candy Commercials


With just a little over a week until Halloween, we’ve got our minds on one thing, and one thing only. Candy. That sticky, sweet, sugary, gooey, melt-all-over-your-lips, cavity causing goodness that we buy for the kiddies but keep for ourselves. In honour of our impending sugar perma-high, we bring you some of our favourite candy […]

Marketing For Halloween


It’s October. The most wonderful time of the year. Greens become reds and yellows, and the air is cool, and crisp, and oh-so refreshing. But better than turkey and stuffing, and layers, and pumpkin spice lattes, is the comfort of knowing that in just 29 more sleeps, IT’LL FINALLY BE HALLOWEEN! Here at Community, we […]

Dermablend’s Insane New Ad Featuring Rick Genest aka “Zombie Boy”

Screen shot 2011-10-28 at 10.30.48 AM

Many of us have tattoos, but our markings probably pale in comparison to the full body of ink on Rick Genest, the famously inked up dude from the Lady Gaga music video. In these video’s below Genest has his tats covered up using a concealer product from Dermablend, and truth be told, under all that […]