The Best Candy Commercials


With just a little over a week until Halloween, we’ve got our minds on one thing, and one thing only. Candy. That sticky, sweet, sugary, gooey, melt-all-over-your-lips, cavity causing goodness that we buy for the kiddies but keep for ourselves. In honour of our impending sugar perma-high, we bring you some of our favourite candy […]

“Simpel” Advertising

Screen Shot 2012-08-24 at 11.57.22 AM

The Dutch know their stuff. No one makes a better beer, bicycle, or oven. Also, because of the Dutch, I never have to pay for my date’s dinner. But what most people do not know is that our homies over in Holland are also master advertisers. So, for no good reason other than the fact […]

Toyota Takes A Chance


You know those pictures on the internet that make you think you’re looking at something stereotypically appealing or attractive, only to find out it’s something totally different and gross? You know, like that one that makes you think you’re looking at a woman’s hoo-ha but it actually turns out to be a McDonald’s cheeseburger? Ohhh, […]

The Copywriters Are Crying


Copywriters, scooch closer. It’s time for a vocabulary lesson. The Oxford Dictionaries Online recently released their latest edition, fresh out the kitchen, with a new batch of words, and some of them are totally ridic. Well, at least one of them is, as ridic is now officially part of the English language. Sad. I know. […]

Pepsi Goes Rogue


If you happened to be playing basketball with your friends outside in Bloomfield, New Jersey this year, and an old, soulful senior citizen infiltrated and took over the game, you may have been the victim of some superb rogue marketing. Or the benefactor, as we like to think of it. In a fantastic, and very […]