What’s A Copywriter, Anyway?


Copywriting is hard work. Stringing words together to create sentences? Now that’s what I call a tough task. Without copywriters, how would we even begin to know which cereals are the most ‘Crunchtastic’ or which running shoes will get you laid? (You know, Just Do It? No? Did I misunderstand that one? Ok.) They work […]

The Queen’s Pantone


If my wardrobe had a Pantone book, what colours would it have? Probably a lot of off-white, and denim. Is denim a colour? No? Ok, let’s go with khaki. Because I’m a professional. Good thing for me, and Pantone enthusiasts around the world, I haven’t done anything in my life that would call for someone […]

Worst iPhone Apps Ever


Need a taxi, and can’t seem to catch one? There’s an app for that. Wanna know which song you’re listening to you, and can’t seem to figure it out? Guess what? There’s an app for that! Need a caffeine fix, like, immediately, and can’t manage to track down a Starbucks? Wait for it… Wait for […]

Agency Life


The television lies. Agency life is nothing like Mad Men makes it out to be. There are no Don Draper’s in this office. Drinking at 10 AM is frowned upon, and smoking inside is strictly prohibited. We don’t have secretaries, we have administrative superstars. We don’t wear three-piece suits, we wear jeans and t-shirts. When […]