This Billboard Makes Water

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 4.05.24 PM

A billboard is just a billboard, right? In most cases, yes. Just a large, attention grabbing sign, often found on the side of the highway, overlooked by focused drivers. But this billboard is so much more than “just” a billboard. This billboard is also a life source. A team of engineers from UTEC in Peru […]

Advertising For The Can


Two upstate New York brothers, one 22, and the other 18, have come up with quite a crappy idea. Bryan and Jordan Silverman believe that they have discovered the future of advertising, printing ads on, yes, toilet paper. They patented their idea in 2010, and now Star Toilet Paper is rolling (pun). The toilet paper […]

Ben & Jerry’s Social Spooning


If you’re on Facebook, are single, and enjoy throwing back a carton or three of Cherry Garcia on top of some Chunky Monkey every once in a while (as single people tend to do), this might have you drooling in more ways than one. A new social media campaign from ice-cream barons Ben & Jerry’s […]

Beckham’s Big Ad


David Beckham is a brand. Whether he’s touting cologne, soft drinks, or computers, the soccer star, excuse me, football star can do no wrong. If he wanted to, he could probably sell a lock of his hair on Ebay for, oh I don’t know, ten million dollars? Actually, JK Rowling just admitted that it wasn’t […]

Get Your “Mitts” On This App


The G.O.P. is not exactly known for being a hip bunch. From George Dubya, to Sarah Palin, to big Richie Nixon, the Republicans have always sort of been, you know, stuffy? But, Mitt Romney’s campaign team is changing all of that, and in quite a controversial way. In a marketing move that took the American […]