Boost Yer Kewl

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Is your Instagram feed laden with photos of past knitting projects, paperweights, parking pylons, or worse… CATS? If so, you’re probably not doing too well in the followers department. After all, everyone knows that setting up an Instagram account is basically like agreeing to play a game of “Who’s Cooler” with anyone who’s got permission […]

“Foodstagram” Ban


So, it’s Friday night, and you’re meeting a friend for dinner. You walk into the restaurant and the smell alone makes your mouth water. You order with anticipation. You watch the clock in agony, cursing every passing tray, simply cause it’s not yours. Finally, your food arrives, and it’s a work of art. The plating […]

Instagram In Jeopardy?


Last week, we talked about Instagram, what people like about it, what people don’t like about it, and how people like to use this thriving platform. We polled our team in an anonymous online survey to gather a sampling of data, and some of the dislikes we heard about included selfies, and the overuse of […]

STAFF POLL: Insta-Peeves


Tis the era of Instagram. Uploading, filtering, liking, hashtagging, commenting, re-sharing, it’s all a part of the fun. And although 100 million people use Instagram today, we can’t really be sure of how, why, when, and what they do with it. We conducted a survey, a small sampling, if you will, among our coworkers here […]

Is This The End of Instagram?


Today, Twitter released the updated in-app photo sharing, including filters. This comes after two days of intense conversation about Instagram breaking up with Twitter. This meaning that Instagram images are no longer viewed on Twitter, forcing users to make one more click. (#firstworldproblems) This is all part of the social media war between the two […]