The Holiday Digital Detox


Like many agencies, Community closes down during the holidays, giving us a chance to enjoy quality time with friends and family. For those of us who are perpetually connected to the outside world through our mobile devices, tablets and laptops, this is also a great time to unplug and, you know, actually spend quality time […]



I once attended a focus group where I watched a girl get very passionate about her online privacy. She explained that she never gave out her information to any companies on any social or digital platforms (not even websites!) because she didn’t trust the person on the other side. I didn’t understand this, as almost […]

Yahoo Plans To Acquire Tumblr in 1.1 Billion Dollar Buy

Tumblr will join Yahoo in 2013

Tumblr, one of the world’s premiere blogging platforms is set to be acquired by Yahoo one of the world’s first internet heavy hitters. The deal will be completed by the second half of the year and will be an all cash transaction. Twenty-six-year-old founder David Karp, will remain on as the chief executive for four […]

The Future of Internet is TV

conan multi screen

Some of my co-workers don’t agree with me on this but after being part of the Internet for almost a decade, attending countless conferences, and working in TV, I believe it to be true.  Years ago, I thought the Internet was the future of TV but as social TV develops and grows, I believe your TV is the future […]

Mountain Don’t

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 5.14.59 PM

Okay, so is – or was – a website promoted by Mountain Dew that called for fans to help in naming a soon-to-be-released green apple flavoured soda pop. Yes, they asked the internet to help in naming a product that is sold around the world. Apparently, the site no longer exists, but if it […]