Both anticipation and tension for the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi have been building for quite a while as a result of pre event sponsorship advertising and political issues. Now just days before the the Opening Ceremonies, media has been showing the world, thanks to Twitter, the lack of preparation the city’s hotels have […]

Twitter Launches News Feature “headlines”

Twitter headlines

It’s not secret that the Internet and social media have transformed the state of the current newsroom nor that social networks have empowered everyday people and brands to possess journalistic capabilities such as breaking news and curating it for their fans or followers. Always on the forefront of culture and societal advancements, Twitter has just […]

Embedding Instagram Photos and Videos Hits the Social Scene

Community Instagram, Embed How To

Bloggers and journalists, rejoice as Instagra­­­m now l­e­­­t’s users embed images AND videos! In a push for proper accreditation, Instagram has introduced Web Embeds, which allows viewers of content to embed an Instagram image or video into their blog or website which ensures that a proper link back to the original creator’s Instagram account, citing […]