SXSW: Social Media Mania


On Friday, March 9th, tens of thousands flocked to Texas to take part in South by Southwest. The nine-day festival, celebrating music, film and interactive technologies, takes place annually, and has been running for nearly twenty-five years. Although the music is often considered to be the central attraction, we at P&F are particularly interested in […]

#OSCARS2012 on Twitter

84th Annual Academy Awards - Show

It’s hard to remember a time when Twitter didn’t exist. Without it, how were we ever able to broadcast quippy insights on relatively insignificant things? Where could we vent our frustrations about shoddy telecom services? Untimely pizza delivery? Even, you know, global politics? How, before Twitter, could we express our crippling “Rose Ceremony” anxieties during […]

Facial Recognition in The Ad World


Facial recognition software has long been (well, since its conception) the source of much contention in the technology world. Especially when used in advertising. Without a 100% accuracy rate, how can any company rely on this newfangled tech-trick to make a statement? Despite the inherent kinks that this type of software would present in the […]

Pulp&Fiber Pinning On Pinterest


  By now, it should be painfully obvious that any business with an e-commerce platform should be pinning on Pinterest. The user-friendly digital scrap booking site allows users to grab and save images from across the web, and has quickly become a growing source for online referrals. But with 11.7 million unique visitors in the […]

Romance and Infographs


Here at Pulp&Fiber, we talk a lot about infographics. What’s an infographic, you ask? Like, aside from being just a super snazzy portmanteau? (You know, a word + word = a new word?) Well, allow us to educate you you. An infographic, more or less, is a collection of images, charts, visualizations, and text that […]