Facebook Speeds Up


Yesterday, Facebook launched a new app for iPhone and iPad, touting it as “twice as fast”, and therefore twice as good. In June of this year, Facebook launched a new method for advertisers to get more bang for their buck – ads that appear right in users’ news feeds. With Facebook’s new mobile apps, the […]

Need VS. Want


As a 12-year-old who weighed a few stones more than my doctor recommended, I was an absolute sucker to the advertising world. I thought every candy was for me, and, well, much to my delight, it was. I may not have been the healthiest of children, but life was Soda Licious, and I didn’t care. […]

The “Kickstarter” Debate

kickstarter begging funny pulp and fiber

Sometimes, you just need a kickstart. Maybe your comic book needs publishing, maybe you can’t afford studio time to lay down your latest track, or maybe, just maybe, your office absolutely needs that fancy new Nespresso machine. You know the one. With the tiny little discs? Whatever it may be, trendy website Kickstarter was designed […]