Both anticipation and tension for the 2014 Olympic games in Sochi have been building for quite a while as a result of pre event sponsorship advertising and political issues. Now just days before the the Opening Ceremonies, media has been showing the world, thanks to Twitter, the lack of preparation the city’s hotels have […]

Move over Sochi the #SelfieOlympics Is Taking over

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Evolving from the hashtags #SelfieGame and #TrickShotSelfie, the latest #SelfieOlympics, is best paraphrased by viral insider website, Know Your Meme, as “is a photo fad that involves taking a mirror-shoot selfie in a bathroom while posing in a physically challenging manner or partaking in an unusual activity.”  The hashtag took over the internet this month, heralded by the Selfie Games Twitter […]

Commercial Catastrophe


This weekend, the world watched in awe as the globe’s greatest athletes competed for gold at the Olympics in London. There were victories, like Andy Murray’s win over Federer, and there were disappointments, like Canada’s heartbreaking loss to Australia in women’s basketball. But perhaps the biggest let down this weekend rests not in the hands […]

The Ads Of The Olympics


Four years ago, the (unemployed) world sat captivated in front of their flat-screens as Usain Bolt staked his claim for “fastest man alive,” LeBron James and Dwyane Wade built a friendship that would change the face of basketball, and Michael Phelps won a staggering eight gold medals without ever getting out of the pool. While […]