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Purina x Mashable


Recently, pet supply mogul Purina, along with the brilliant folks at Mashable, hosted the #TailsAndRails event at The Soho Grand in NYC. Q: What’s #TailsAndRails? A: Something, like, totally PAWSome! (Shut up. It’s funny.) Seven teams of computer wizards put their thinking caps on, and worked to impress a group of four esteemed judges, including […]

Cute Animals Boost Productivity


Well, this is good news if we’ve ever heard it. A new study out of Japan says that looking at photos and videos of adorable baby animals actually improves productivity at the office. Researchers at Hiroshima University say that looking at cute (which translates to kawaii in Japanese) images creates positive feelings that translate to […]

Take Your Dog To Work Day

depressed dog rests on files model released. Image shot 2006. Exact date unknown.

Good news, guys! It’s International Take Your Dog to Work Day! What a wonderful time of year! Just like Christmas, but so much better. Plus, dogs are gifts that keep on giving. They provide unconditional love, companionship, and who can forget all those little surprises they leave behind the couch when you’re not around to […]

Do Pets Boost Office Morale?


(she looks scared, but this is her happy face) It’s my birthday, and I’ll beg if I want to. For weeks, no, MONTHS, I have been desperately appealing to make Pulp&Fiber into a pet friendly environment. I am the mother, er, owner, of two wonderful canines, and can appreciate the presence of a four-legged friend, […]

Animal House: Pets In Advertising


Every good advertiser knows that in order to make an impact, you’ve got to aim for the heart, shoot to kill. Of late, some of the most successful campaigns have been designed to either get the consumer laughing ‘til they cry, or get them crying ‘til their mascara runs. Separate ends of the spectrum, sure. […]