There’s just enough time to squeeze in another predictions post before Community staff  head off for the holidays. There has been much talk about mobile recently, and for good reason – mobile accounted for 28% of all website traffic this year. Come 2014, if you can’t get it on your phone instantly, you won’t want […]

Dove’s Latest Deception

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 12.39.49 PM

One of the biggest criticisms of the advertising industry, generally speaking, is that it’s dishonest.  Commercials tell parents that putting a fatty chocolate-hazelnut spread on their kids’ toast in the morning will make them do better in school. Kim Kardashian tells viewers, on behalf of Sketchers, that if you wear those ugly rocking-chair-like sneakers, your […]

Sex or Science?

Ursus Beer bares all

It might possibly be the most clichéd concept in the advertising world. The idea that sex sells. We declare it caustically while hovering in the studio, pointing with flaccid finger toward the Photoshop screen, saying “scale up”, and referring to the model’s breasts while doing so. Then, we laugh with the designers. Maybe at the […]