Social Shopping: The #CyberMonday Edition

The countdown for THE most anticipated shopping day of the year is on: #CyberMonday, of course! What’s happened to Black Friday you ask?  Recent studies show that only 13% of  shoppers plan to shop in physical stores on Black Friday, down from 17% last year. Perhaps they saw this meme floating around the internet… Regardless, […]

Sex or Science?

Ursus Beer bares all

It might possibly be the most clichéd concept in the advertising world. The idea that sex sells. We declare it caustically while hovering in the studio, pointing with flaccid finger toward the Photoshop screen, saying “scale up”, and referring to the model’s breasts while doing so. Then, we laugh with the designers. Maybe at the […]

Agency Life


The television lies. Agency life is nothing like Mad Men makes it out to be. There are no Don Draper’s in this office. Drinking at 10 AM is frowned upon, and smoking inside is strictly prohibited. We don’t have secretaries, we have administrative superstars. We don’t wear three-piece suits, we wear jeans and t-shirts. When […]

Spring Fever At P+F

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 3.24.37 PM

Look, Toronto! The migrating birds (and The Blue Jays) are back! That’s right. Spring has sprung. Well, it’s officially been Spring for a few weeks now, but it’s finally starting to feel like it. I mean, the sun is practically pouring through our office windows! This weekend, Torontonians will surely be dusting off their patio […]