Red Bull Solstice 2013

@RedBullTO #Solstice

Friday this week marks solstice, the first day of summer featuring the most daylight all year. Our friends at Red Bull Toronto are having a HUGE celebration at Cabana Pool Bar and invite everyone to  Red Bull Solstice to ‘outlast the day, and seize the night’. We invite YOU to join us! Hop on over to […]

Red Bull Solstice: Huge Success

Screen Shot 2012-06-21 at 11.59.42 AM

Here, at Pulp&Fiber, we work hard, and party harder. Well, that’s not true. We definitely work harder than we party, but we work reallllly hard, and party only slightly less hard, so yeah, you get the picture. Last night was the Red Bull Solstice event on Cube’s rooftop patio, and the Pulp&Fiber family was there […]

Red Bull’s Total Zero Is Totally Tasty

photo 3

You’re sitting at your desk, nodding off, wondering how you’re going to make it through the day ahead. The time is 9:15 am. You were up late finishing a presentation for a client, and were awake at the crack of dawn for an early morning boot camp class. You down a Venti, two sugars and […]

Red Bull Crashed Ice Hits YouTube

redbull crashed ice_pulp & fiber_1

If you visit YouTube today you’ll notice Red Bull has taken over the masthead of the site to promote the Red Bull Crashed Ice Championships draft. Designed by Fiber Design, and executed by P+F, the flash banner ad features a promotional video aimed at drafting athletes to participate in the World Championships. Check out the video below to […]

Pulp&Fiber Staff Costumes of Halloween’s Past


I’m sure its no surprise that we love Halloween here. Its not uncommon for us to collectively spend over $40 in candy and snacks at 7/11… in one day. The amount of Redbull the designers at “table one” consume on a daily basis is unheard of. In fact, if Extreme Design Competition was a thing, […]