More Sochi Toilet Madness!


The 2014 Sochi Olympics have officially begun, despite the hold backs and problems that have been highlighted over social and mainstream media over the past week. After the infamous double toilet bathroom went viral, a whole list of problems started to surface, with a large focus on the bathroom situations in the hotels. Well, guess […]

Take Me Out to the ball game

The #BacardiBestSeats

2013 marked a very important year for the Toronto Blue Jays. A lot of big changes took place in the off season, and the result was baseball fever that Toronto hasn’t seen since ’93. Although there are still growing pains with the new team, Bacardi saw an opportunity to get involved with the 2013 Toronto […]

Pepsi Goes Rogue


If you happened to be playing basketball with your friends outside in Bloomfield, New Jersey this year, and an old, soulful senior citizen infiltrated and took over the game, you may have been the victim of some superb rogue marketing. Or the benefactor, as we like to think of it. In a fantastic, and very […]

B-Ball So Hard

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 10.31.31 AM

Jerry Seinfeld once said that cheering passionately and exclusively for a single sports franchise over the course of one’s entire life is essentially cheering for your favorite laundry. The players change, the coaches change, the front office folk change; only the clothes, or “the laundry,” stay the same. Then, when a new franchise is built, […]