Social Robot Brings Happiness

Coca-Cola Social Robot Brings Happiness via @communityagency

Would you believe the guy in the photo above is at a festival? Coca-Cola’Sa has been spreading happiness through their “Share the happiness” campaign all around the world with some creative initiatives. In Israel, Coca-Cola created Happiness Robots to interact with summer camp goers allowing teens who couldn’t attend to virtually control the robots from […]

Facebook Introduces Graph Search


  Launched in Beta for Facebook Users in English (US), Graph Search allows Facebook users to find people who share their interests, explore their world through photos, and discover restaurants, music, and more.  Not to be confused with the Search Bar, which still produces Bing Results from the web, Graph Search is an extra incentive […]

Targeted Technology


FACT: Our lives are heavily influenced by digital technology. Televisions, computers, smartphones, and who could forget video games? And just when you thought the human race had reached it’s apex of tech domination, Intel introduces digital advertisements that can tell what type of person you are, and adjust what is being advertised accordingly. Let me […]

Back To School Ads

Screen Shot 2012-09-05 at 11.29.41 AM

All across this fair country, the little rascals are returning to school. That means there’s a whole lot of shopping going on; and with busy shopping seasons come a great influx of advertisements. This year in back-to-school advertising, things are different. According to commercial advertising analytics company Ace Metrix, North America has seen a big […]

The Nexus 7


With the release of their new Nexus 7 tablet, Google has shown themselves to be even more of a power player in the tech world. The tablet is a hit, and it’s already selling like hotcakes, so why is Google advertising the device on their usually ad-free homepage? Well, some internet users argue that Google […]