STAFF POLL: Insta-Peeves


Tis the era of Instagram. Uploading, filtering, liking, hashtagging, commenting, re-sharing, it’s all a part of the fun. And although 100 million people use Instagram today, we can’t really be sure of how, why, when, and what they do with it. We conducted a survey, a small sampling, if you will, among our coworkers here […]

And Now A Word From An Intern…

Screen Shot 2012-03-23 at 1.41.39 PM

After getting wind of my struggle to break into the working world, my former boss flipped through her digital rolodex (a.k.a. iPhone contact list) in search of someone who might be able to help in my job search. That’s when she found a contact for P&F’s Marketing and Sales Director, Jesse Carere. She felt as […]

Do Pets Boost Office Morale?


(she looks scared, but this is her happy face) It’s my birthday, and I’ll beg if I want to. For weeks, no, MONTHS, I have been desperately appealing to make Pulp&Fiber into a pet friendly environment. I am the mother, er, owner, of two wonderful canines, and can appreciate the presence of a four-legged friend, […]