Inside the Bacardi Triangle


This past weekend BACARDI celebrated Halloween with a party so epic, you have to see pictures to believe it. Imagine Calvin Harris, Ellie Goulding, and Kendrick Lamar playing a show for 1862 lucky guests, on a beach in Puerto Rico, which happens to be located inside the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.   Yeah, that happened.   […]

NK Launches First Video Game


In recent weeks, North Korea has been busy launching something… and for once, it’s not a test missile. Finally, NK, the country known for it’s infamously firm policies, has announced something that we’re not totally terrified by. We’re not exactly impressed by it, but at least it’s not threatening. For decades, video games have been […]

Expedia: Find Yourself

woman video camera beach

If you’re stuck in an office somewhere, you might want to avert your eyes. has just launched its first campaign with agency 180LA, and to be blunt, the thing works. It makes me want to pack up my MacBook and entry-level tote bag and go to India, or Bali, or Starbucks on Bloor. The […]