2012 Year in Review

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End of the year is a time for reflection and lists are popping up all over the Internet. We published our first one of Top Social Networks last week.  Today, Facebook launched a look back at some of the biggest events in 2012 with their Year In Review. This came one day after Twitter launched […]

Is Microsoft Too Soft?

microsoft is boring

Don’t be evil. Sounds simple enough. Be nice. Be good. Don’t be bad. Pretty sure this is what religion (all of them) teaches. And, as it turns out, it is the unofficial motto of Google, the god of the internet, and also one of Microsoft’s direct competitors. Microsoft has struggled to compete with the image […]

The Age of Advertising

funny old lady advertising

If you think you’ve noticed more salt and pepper on your flat screen set, don’t adjust your television sets. This is not a drill. Contrary to the popular belief that the most effective ads generally feature the best-looking and youngest people, the  Florida Sun released an article outlining the tectonic shift marketers are undergoing by […]


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I have social media envy right now, you guys. I put all my chips on “BlackBerry” two years ago, signing onto a contract that I’m not getting out of anytime soon. Because of this, the pseudo-photographer in me is dying. I used to have fun taking silly pictures and uploading them to Twitter, or Facebook. […]



This week, Pulitzer Prize winning author Jennifer Egan is releasing her new novel. Big deal, you’re probably thinking, people write books everyday. Well, have we got some news for you. Are you sitting down?! I hope you’re not drinking anything… We don’t want to be held responsible if you spit out your coffee and ruin […]