Debate: Violence in Advertising

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Last week, a Portuguese events site released a TV spot that is creating quite a stir. Let’s start with a cliche. Set the scene. The ad for ‘’ shows a man checking this website in bed, using a shiny new iPad. Then, his “sexy” girlfriend, who appears to be feeling rather randy, decides she’s in […]

What’s #FF Anyway?


Get your pens and notebooks ready, Tweeps. Today’s lesson is all about #FollowFridays, also known as #FF tweets. For those of you who are new to the Twitterverse, or if you’re anything like me, and only have Twitter so you can creep on celebrities and past flames, this class is for you. If you use […]

Animal House: Pets In Advertising


Every good advertiser knows that in order to make an impact, you’ve got to aim for the heart, shoot to kill. Of late, some of the most successful campaigns have been designed to either get the consumer laughing ‘til they cry, or get them crying ‘til their mascara runs. Separate ends of the spectrum, sure. […]

Is Your Brand Up to Par with the Competition?

Branding your small business so consumers remember your brand and services