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Brand Voice 101

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A voice. Every brand needs one. This concept is like a dead horse, one that’s now been beaten so badly we need dental records to identify it. We talk about brand voices all the time, constantly pushing the idea that a voice is essential to any marketing initiative.  Voice this. Voice that. But, what’s a […]

When To Delete A Tweet

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You know that old saying? If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all? Well, ever since the dawn of Twitter, this adage has taken a bit of a beating. People tweet whatever’s on their mind, at any given time, every hour of the day. This has had both a positive and […]

Who’s Who On Twitter

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I eat, sleep, and breathe Twitter. It’s my job. It’s my hobby. Honestly, it’s my life. Because of this, people are constantly asking who I follow, and who they should be following in order to heighten their Twitter experience. I’ll usually rattle off a few of the usual suspects. For example, Oprah is a good […]

What’s #FF Anyway?


Get your pens and notebooks ready, Tweeps. Today’s lesson is all about #FollowFridays, also known as #FF tweets. For those of you who are new to the Twitterverse, or if you’re anything like me, and only have Twitter so you can creep on celebrities and past flames, this class is for you. If you use […]

What’s Old Is New Again


So, there’s this new obsession with the seniors on the internet. Betty White recently joined the wonderful world of Twitter, and with only three tweets, she’s gained more than 135,000 followers (and counting!) in less than 24 hours. Maybe it’s because of the many adorable video’s staring seniors that have recently been posted to the […]