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Why Your Company Needs A Social Media Presence


Social media has taken over. There are over 750 million people using Facebook and over 170 million people using Twitter. Those are just a few of the many popular social media platforms people are utilizing today. So, what can social media do for your business? Social media allows you to increase your reputation as a […]

“Don’t Tweet The Ending!” #Jerk


Another week has come and gone – and all my shows are safely PVR’ed on my Rogers digital box. Because I have an internship, other various commitments, and all sorts of things going on in my life, I was unable to watch my weekly TV favourites. Because of this, I was forced to avoid my […]

“#Winning” With Memes

Screen Shot 2012-03-22 at 2.37.48 PM

What do Charlie Sheen, that Kony 2012 video, and a double rainbow all have in common? At a first glance – not a thing. One celebrity’s harebrained hashtags, a truly awe inspiring video, and a meteorological phenomenon (x2!!) draw few obvious parallels. Well, except for the fact that they are all examples of Internet memes. […]

Pulp&Fiber’s Night Out


Look up. Wayyy up. Tucked away in a VIP box, suspended at what felt like one million feet above ground, the Pulp&Fiber team drank beer and ate hotdogs while another team, The Toronto Raptors, took on The Orlando Magic. Although the Raptors let us down, losing 88 to 92, we still managed to have a […]

#OSCARS2012 on Twitter

84th Annual Academy Awards - Show

It’s hard to remember a time when Twitter didn’t exist. Without it, how were we ever able to broadcast quippy insights on relatively insignificant things? Where could we vent our frustrations about shoddy telecom services? Untimely pizza delivery? Even, you know, global politics? How, before Twitter, could we express our crippling “Rose Ceremony” anxieties during […]