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OVER IT – The Social Media Lifecycle


My name is Tanvi and I was/am currently addicted to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, Snapchat, Path, MySpace, Hi5, Skype, iMessage and MSN. No, seriously. Save for Google+ and Orkut, I have literally been addicted to almost every social media platform launched. Thankfully, I’ve gotten bored of them pretty quickly, or I would have a […]

Twitter’s Vine now an IOS and Android app!

Vine Android App

Vine, Twitter’s popular mobile micro video sharing app, has just been released on  Android.  The videos, which are known as ‘Vines’, are commonly crossed shared to Facebook and Twitter, allowing users to share even more dynamic content then the standard post or tweet. While Android users previously suffering from SMAD or FOMO are rejoicing that […]

Do You Suffer From SMAD?

This could be you

Last weekend, I made some super awesome burgers, and then I had a mini panic attack, because I didn’t know how to share this information with the world. Should I Instagram it? Snapchat it? Vine it? I finally decided to Instagram it, but definitely lamented the loss of a great grill Vine/Snapchat video that would […]

Share Good Things

peter shankman TEDx NYC

I thought I’d take this gloomy Friday as an opportunity to share something motivating. I saw a Tweet from Peter Shankman today with this video from his talk at TEDx Times Square in New York last month. These 15 minutes will give you a a laugh and make you think about the importance of amazing customer […]

Twitter Launches Music App

we are hunter twitter

Twitter recently acquired music discovery service We Are Hunted, which they will repurpose as a Music app that launched to an exclusive Twitter elite, i.e. music influencers (read the Ryan Seacrest’s of the world). Strategically, Twitter was smart to launch their app during Coachella, however it is only available for iOS devices, which alienates significant […]