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The Broadbent Institute, a Canadian think tank, has launched a campaign called “Dear Jack”, through which Canadians are encouraged to share their stories about how Jack Layton’s vision has inspired them. A year ago today, NDP leader Jack Layton died after a battle with cancer, but not before he left a letter urging Canadians to […]

Reacting on Twitter

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By now, you don’t need to be sold on the effectiveness of Twitter (and if you do, stop by our office). Many businesses have transitioned seamlessly into tweeting nonstop jabber about promotions, new projects, and what they’re having for lunch, but the truth is, one of Twitter’s most underrated and underused attributes is yet to […]

Follow Friday Extravaganza


In the words of America’s best airport restaurant chain, thank God it’s Friday! Fridays at the office can often be a formality just to get to the frickin’ weekend (drink to that, yayeah!), so we don’t want to overload The Thread, and in turn, your brain, with content better suited for a Monday of memos […]

The Business of So-Me


I’m sure you’re sick of hearing that businesses big and small need to establish some sort of an online presence and take advantage of social media, blah blah blah. Right. You get it. But for all this work you’re putting into social media for your blue-collar hardware shop, you’ve suddenly stopped to ask yourself, “What […]

Keys Quits Twitter

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There’s no questioning the value that Twitter can have on your social media stock, and if you’re still questioning the value of a high social media stock, well, perhaps you’re in the wrong industry. Or decade. But what if writing status updates brings the status of your sanity into question? What if your thoughts on […]